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QuitterZ Spearmint 10ml

For those who want that smooth minty vape without the icy blast! Perfect for those who like subtle flavours!

QuitterZ Menthol Mint 10ml

A blast of ice cold menthol followed by the subtle sweetness of mint!

QuitterZ Menthol Tobacco 10ml Bottle

A take on an American classic! Hitting just as hard as the red packet full bred American brand, American Red aims to appease those with a love for tobacco and executes this much loved American classic perfectly.  

QuitterZ Strawberry Menthol 10ml

Drop the strawberry daiquiri and pick up a bottle of this. A delicious haze of sweet, ripe strawberry with a tidal wave of ice crashing across your taste buds. An icy cool down for a hot day!  

QuitterZ Kool Grape 10ml

Grape so cool we spelled it "Kool". A bedazzling swirl of mixed grapes followed by a breeze of kool. Kool ice!  

QuitterZ Blueberry Ice 10ml

A slushified Blueberry blast with icy undertones, the perfect summer cool down!    

QuitterZ Cherry Menthol 10ml

From darkest depths of the cherry fields we present Black Cherry! A deep and wonderful taste, moist and fresh! NOW WITH ICE!  

Vape Lovers Ice Mango 60ml

They did it again! Our mad scientists have crafted an electrifying mango spliced with blizzard-ice direct from the hostile lands of the arctic. Blended in our juicer then zapped with our ice-ifying machine. We can assure you this is the best Mango juice you’re ever going to try! You can’t argue with science!   

Drip It Menthol 70VG / 30PG 100ml

A pure menthol e liquid, with a strong, refreshing mint kick and aftertaste