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QuitterZ Mango Ice Tea 10ml

Get that refreshing summer buzz with our cozy tea blend, iced and blended with succulent fresh mango!  

QuitterZ Blueberry Muffin 10ml

A succulent moist cakey Blueberry Muffin, bursting with juicy sour and sweet flavours!  

QuitterZ Apricot Yogurt 10ml

Smooth and silky Apricot splashed with a gloopy sweet natural yogurt, a dessert to die for!

QuitterZ Apple Pie 10ml

A crumbly pastry dream, delightful apple chunks smothered in apple sauce with a hard sugary baked shell, ground and poured into our tasty liquid!    

QuitterZ Strawberry Menthol 10ml

Drop the strawberry daiquiri and pick up a bottle of this. A delicious haze of sweet, ripe strawberry with a tidal wave of ice crashing across your taste buds. An icy cool down for a hot day!  

QuitterZ Kool Grape 10ml

Grape so cool we spelled it "Kool". A bedazzling swirl of mixed grapes followed by a breeze of kool. Kool ice!  

QuitterZ Blueberry Ice 10ml

A slushified Blueberry blast with icy undertones, the perfect summer cool down!    

Vape Lovers Ice Mango 60ml

They did it again! Our mad scientists have crafted an electrifying mango spliced with blizzard-ice direct from the hostile lands of the arctic. Blended in our juicer then zapped with our ice-ifying machine. We can assure you this is the best Mango juice you’re ever going to try! You can’t argue with science!   

Drip It Strawberry Watermelon 70VG / 30PG 100ml

A ripe strawberry flavour comes through first, bringing with it juicy notes, whilst the light taste of fresh watermelon develops and adds a tropical note on exhale

Drip It Strawberry Jam 70VG / 30PG 100ml

Strawberry Jam eliquid is a garden fruit blend featuring sugary and savoury hints, ideal for vapers looking for a breakfast flavour variant.

Drip It Strawberry 70VG / 30PG 100ml

Reward your tastebuds with this delicious Strawberry Eliquid.

Drip It Skittles 70VG / 30PG 100ml

Drip It Skittles E Liquid captures the unique taste of the rainbow coloured candy perfectly!