The hottest new e-liquid brand(UK Based) to hit Pakistan with more than 25 delicious flavours both appealing to high end vapers and those just discovering vaping!
Helping people to quit smoking and help vape community by providing very competitive prices


Message From Our CEO

As a successful entrepreneur of many businesses, in 2016 I decided to contribute towards my community in a way that is mutually beneficial for the community and as a new business venture as well. Therefore, extensive work was carried out to analyse which area required greatest work in the community, and as a result, it was decided that we will work on eradicating drug addiction, particularly cigarette smoking, that is quite prevalent in the society.

Keeping this in mind, we introduced Quit Smoking Project in England 5 years ago and after an astounding response from the market, we decided to bring the same idea to Pakistan. Hence, we have targeted the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) market, which has a huge population of cigarette smokers and addicts belonging to every age group and socio-economic background.

Mitigating drug addiction is a challenging task as there is no proper education, awareness or alternative available in the market. My team and I have therefore worked extensively to overcome these challenges by introducing QuitterZ (vape flavour 70PG/30VG) which is a healthier, affordable, and a reliable alternative for addicts to overcome their smoking addiction.

Our product is healthier, easy to use, and free of toxins which cigarettes contain. We are offering a product that is cost-effective and will be in easy reach of maximum number of community members. For this end, we are also collaborating with health care professionals to introduce the product to the KP community initially, and eventually across Pakistan.

The ultimate goal of our organisation is to work with street drug addicts and rehabilitate them. With this project, we want to take care of those who are ignored due to substance abuse and have lost themselves to such dependencies, completely. With the help of the Almighty, we intend to bring them back to normal, healthier and happier life so they become active and productive parts of the society.